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Our Team

Yasmin Daswani - Founder

Yasmin batting.png

I am an associate solicitor working in London and the vice captain of the Hong Kong women’s cricket team. Having grown up playing for Hong Kong I have had the chance to interact with players from many different associate nations and have seen first- hand their drive, commitment and passion for the sport. 


The women come from diverse backgrounds and have interesting stories, and it is my dream to get to a position where women’s cricket and women’s sports are talked about in equal amounts to men’s sports. I hope that children of tomorrow grow up having female role models who they can aspire to be like, and I want to do my part in helping to raise awareness, share stories and increase the conversation around associate women’s cricket. 

Priyanjali Jain - Head of Strategy

Priya batting.jpg

I am the MBA Enrollment Director for South Asia at Hult International Business School. Currently, I represent the UAE Women’s Cricket team. However, I’ve also had the privilege to represent 2 other associate nations, Singapore and Hong Kong. Having moved around a lot, I found comfort in knowing that I would always have cricket as a constant in my life. During my travels, I noticed many similarities in the challenges faced by the associate cricketing nations.


Through this platform, I would love to see a greater discussion around associate women’s cricket which will eventually drive meaningful change for female cricketers globally.

Ruchitha Venkatesh - Head of Marketing 

Ruchita Venkatesh.jpg

I am a research assistant in the field of biomedical sciences and represent the Hong Kong women’s cricket team. I am also a Fairbreak Global player and ambassador. Though originally from India, I grew up in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2019. Staying true to my Indian roots, I took up cricket as a teenager and have been addicted ever since. 


Having been fortunate to play cricket in different countries and meet players from all around the world whom I consider friends off-field, though we may compete on-field, I hope to share all our stories. There is a lot of drive, talent and passion in associate nations, though they are often neglected and if only given the right opportunities who knows what heights these players and nations can reach. I hope to help drive the exposure, interest and growth of associate women’s cricket in any way I can whether it be as a player or through sites like these.  

Nimisha Agarwal - Head of Content

Nimisha Agarwal

I recently graduated with an MBA from the University of Bath. Although it has been a while since I played cricket, I have had the honour of representing Singapore U-19 and Delhi U-19 Women's Cricket teams. The game will always be close to my heart as it has made me strong and determined in whatever I take up in my life. 


I am grateful to be a part of Associate Women in Cricket. I hope that through this platform we can bring forward the associate women's cricketing journey, which can prove to be an inspiration for the aspiring women cricketers of tomorrow. 

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