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Mehreen Yousaf

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We caught up with Mehreen Yousaf, a promising all rounder.  She spoke about what it meant to play for Hong Kong and the invaluable support that she gets from her family. 

How did you start playing cricket? 


When I was really young I used to watch cricket on TV and I would be in awe of how the professionals played. My my role model is Dale Steyn and I used to watch his videos a lot.


Why do you enjoy cricket so much? 


I think one of the reasons that I enjoy cricket is so much is because of how good it makes me feel.  Sometimes when I release a ball I just know that it is going to be a wicket! My family have also cultivated and share my love for the sport. My uncle used to play cricket when he was young, and my whole family is very sporty- my younger sister and brother also play! 













How does your family contribute to your love for the sport? 


The support I get from my family is invaluable.  My Dad often comes to watch my training sessions even when it’s at 7am in the morning, and will drive me to practice and watch my games. He is my biggest supporter and encourages to break the stereotypes (prevalent in Pakistan) which say that cricket is not for girls.  


I am very excited to be representing Hong Kong (this tour is my first!). Hong Kong is my home and I have wanted to break into the national team for a while. 


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