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Janet Mbabazi

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What is the structure like for women's cricket in Uganda? 

For now, because of the pandemic we haven't had the national league running, otherwise we usually have six teams that play in the first division and about five teams playing in the second division of the domestic league.

There are four districts that I am aware of which have teams that play in the domestic league. The majority of the club teams come from the central region.



Right now we have got interim coaches. The association is on the hunt for a women's coach, so hopefully we will have a full time coach next month.


Strength & Conditioning

We do strength and conditioning but we don't do it at the gym.

Funding remuneration 

All the players get a daily allowance for the period of time that they get to play. So I get an allowance for every day that I show up for practice or games.


I receive Uganda shillings 25,000 per session which is about USD $6.82. 


What is the next big tournament for Uganda, and how are you feeling about it? 

I think the next big tournament, for Uganda is the Victoria series, we'll play against Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda maybe Namibia. I'm excited and looking forward to playing against some good teams and for me I think it will be a good test.

The proposed dates for the Victoria series is sometime in August but before that we have got a tour to Namibia in April, a Kwibuka tournament in Rwanda in June, then of course the qualifiers after in September.


What preparation is Uganda doing?  

National team training is on going, and for now we train 3 days a week for 3 hours. Since we just started training two weeks ago, we haven't been able to play any games yet.







What is your cricketing background? 

Having grown up with sisters who played cricket,  I started playing as well. As a little girl in primary school, I played on the Uganda U-15 girls team in 2009, U-19 from 2010-2014, and I captained the side in 2014. That same year I got selected for the women's national team. After that I had time off to play softball and then made it back on the women's cricket team as the vice captain in 2017 and have been part of the team to date. (I have played two World cup africa qualifiers (Namibia, 2017 and Zimbabwe, 2019) and one women's world T20 qualifiers (Netherlands, 2018). 

What are the challenges for Uganda women's cricket? 

We have got a few of players working full time, they have got to really create time to work out with the team. Also  about 10 players live in a different district and are in high school so they have got classes/practice and when we get to play some games, they have got to travel about 7 hours on a bus for the games with the rest of the players. So it is quite a challenge.




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