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Malawi – Country Profile


Women's Cricket Domestic Structure and National Pathways

The women first competed as a representative team in 2017 in an age group tournament in Botswana.


Eight teams play cricket in Malawi, however women’s cricket is only active in the Southern Region and mainly in the main city of Blantyre.










 Upcoming Tournaments 


The women’s team will play in an Africa Qualifier in November in Botswana. The lack of any cricket being played for almost a year in Malawi because of Covid -19 makes it difficult to have a team ready for then.


National Setup 


There is not yet a full time coach for the women’s team. We feel that more progress has to be made with women’s cricket in Malawi before we can commit funding to having someone full time to cater to coaching the women’s team.

Strength and Conditioning

Not yet, Malawi Women’s cricket has been is still at the stage of ensuring that a pool of women are kept involved playing the game regularly- women who are in contention for national representation as and when needed.


Other aspects of player management will come when the women’s team and the game becomes more competitive internationally.




A physiotherapist is appointed to travel with the women's team during each tournament.

Financial Remuneration 


There are currently no professional contracts be it full time or part time. Even the men’s game is not at that stage yet as a lot of the funding needs is being used to building pathways.


Malawi Cricket does, however offer scholarships for girls’ school fees where they show good commitment to the sport. This is to enable them to complete their secondary education.



















Development Plan


The plan is to develop female cricket from entry level up. This was to be set into motion in March 2021 but a second surge of Covid - 19 infections has once again put a spanner in the works. No cricket activities have taken place in 2021 as yet. Malawi Cricket has hired a Women’s Pathway Coordinator in November 2020 who will coordinate all women’s cricket activities which is a very positive step in the right direction to cater to the growth of women’s cricket in Malawi.


Current Challenges


Many girls drop out of school due to early marriages, and the team loses a lot of good players in the process. Some parents have their children withdrawn from cricket because they don’t see a living in sports for women. Other players go to netball and football because it is more popular and more money in the sport.



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